How to Recover LinkedIn Account When Primary Email is Not Accessible

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When you register for a LinkedIn account, like any other online accounts, you are prompted to enter a valid email address. This email address that you used to signup for the account is by default the Primary Email address.

Recovering LinkedIn account when primary email is inaccessible

At any time when your LinkedIn account is in trouble, like when you forget your password, or when the account is hacked or compromised, you can request for a new password and the reset information will be sent to this Primary Email Address.

LinkedIn Rules on Passwords and Email Addresses

For account security reasons, LinkedIn allows you to add at least one extra or additional email address to your LinkedIn account. You can add more than one actually. The purpose of this is when your primary email address is hacked, compromised or for some reasin inaccessible, you can still reset your LinkedIn account password and the reset information can be sent to the other emails.

In a worst case, when your LinkedIn account only has one email address (that is the primary email address by default) associated with it, and that primary email address is deactivated or no longer accessible, how can you recover your LinkedIn account in times of trouble? The reset information will be sent to the inactive and inaccessible email address so there is no way to reset your password if you forget it.

LinkedIn Account Recovery Without the Primary Email Address

It is good to know that LinkedIn has already anticipated this problem. People are most likely comfortable with one email address associated with their account especially if they really have one email account. (Despite the fact that it is now easy to create free email accounts with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or Aol, people can still be conservative with just one email account.)

So in case they forgot their LinkedIn password, they cannot reset it if their primary email is no longer active. (Like work emails, when you leave your work or transfer to another company, your work email will surely be deactivated.)

To recover your LinkedIn account even if your Primary Email address is no longer accessible, you need to use the special form LinkedIn created for this special case. Please click on this link to access and submit the form:

In that form, enter a valid email address that you can still access so that LinkedIn tech can get back to you regarding the progress of the recovery process. The BROWSE button can be used to attach any identifying documents that you can provide to prove to LinkedIn that you are the owner of the account that you are trying to recover.

The account recovery form to recover LinkedIn account without Primary Email address

After submitting the form, please wait for up 24 to 48 hours for the LinkedIn people to contact you for the results of the recovery.